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Situs Batu Badak

Stories begin from folklore, a legend from south sumatra region. This is one of the impressions rejangese folk tale “The bitter tongue”, or Si pet Lideak (Rejang Language) from Rejang land folk tale. Another impressions this folk tale story can find at Batu belarik village, located at kepahiang regency, in rejang land. In this area we found Stone park or Buteu Belarik in Rejang language.

Rhinoceros Stone, a stone appearance look like Rhinoceros Sumatra.
Batu Badak. Batu yang menyerupai Badak Sumatra.

Dari kisah legenda cerita rakyat sumatra bagian selatan, inilah salah satu jejak kisah si Si pahit Lidah di tanah rejang. Jejak lain kisah ini ada di desa batu belarik, bagian tanah rejang di kabupaten kepahiang.

Can be reach easily from the road, megalith sites are located in side street, in the village of Lawang Agung, Sindang Beliti Ulu district, Rejang-lebong regency, rejang land, Bengkulu province, Indonesia. The exactly location named as “Tebing batu badak” meaning as “the rhinoceros stone cliffs”. This rhino stone sites located at right side villager houses recently.

Bisa di capai dengan mudah dari jalan raya, situs megalith ini berada di pinggir jalan, di desa Lawang agung, kecamatan Sindang Beliti Ulu. Lokasinya dinamakan tebing batu badak. Batu batu ini berada tepat di samping rumah penduduk.

The stone near the Rhino stone, in folk tale Rejangese believethis is made from child of Rhino.
Batu batu dekat batu badak yang di percaya orang rejang lembak sebagai anak anak badak yang di kutuk oleh Si Pahit Lidah.

Once upon a time, bitter tongue through the region and met with a group sumatra rhinoceros, along with the child and family. The bitter tongue ask directions to the road crew are rhinoceros. But there is no answer by Sumatra rhinoceros. Bitter tongue angry and said, “Be all of you to be stone.” Due his magic, all sumatra rhinoceros family, include rhino child change to be stone immeadiatly , as seen in the photo below.

Dikisahkan bahwa si pahit lidah melewati kawasan ini dan bertemu dengan segerombolan badak sumatra, beserta anak anaknya. Si pahit lidah bertanya arah jalan ke gerombolan badak yang menghalanginya. Karena tidak di jawab oleh Badak, Si pahit lidah marah dan berkata, “Jadilah kalian semuanya batu”. Karena kesaktianya, badak badak sumatra itu berikut anak anaknya menjadi batu seperti yang terlihat di photo di bawah ini. (Sumber lisan : Bapak Jamal, 26-07-09)

Rhino child stone
Batu anak anak badak

Bapak Jamal dan Sekretaris desa Bapak Zairin sebagai guide utama.
Village Secretary (Mr. Zairin) and Mr Jamal as main guide to this place.

Rhino stone from other side view
Batu badak tampak dari sisi lain.

For many time, again and again in this years the corpse flowers blooming at rejang land. Not too far away from capital city of rejang -lebong regency, Curup town find by mr. Ahyan Sori at his farm, located at Air Lanang Village, South Curup district, in Rejang land, Sumatra Island at June 28th, 2009.

How beauty look the biggest flowers in the world can you see at photo below.

Corpse flowers first time finding by botanist Odoardo beccari in rejang land, at Kepahiang regency exactly recently. In native language this flower call as Bungei Kibut, and Bunga bangkai in bahasa. Scientist give name as Amorphophallus Titanum Beccari, or Titan Arum.

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Indahnya tanah kelahiran nan sejuk di Kota Curup, Rejang Lebong, sampai sekarang tak pernah henti muncul tumbuhan yang jarang tumbuh di kota lain…

TACCA CHANTERII - Very Rare!! This tropical plant, hardy in Zone 10, needs a minimum winter temperature between 55 and 60 degrees F at night with a daytime temperature 5 to 15 degress higher. It is best suited for growing in a greenhouse or a humid sunroom. Plant individually in 6″ to 8″ pots in coarse, rich, loamy soil that is well-drained. Fertilize weekly from spring to fall with half-strength liquid fertilizer. In cold climates, let the plant to go dormant in winter, water sparingly. Zones 10-11 or indoors.

Lets take a look how unique this creature. Very beutifull even in black colour !

Photo located at Talang Rimbo Lama, Curup.

Technical info on Tacca :
It is very important to know where to get good, quality Tacca plants. The roots on the plants should be bright white and firm, not black, brown or soft.

* Tacca Chantrieri Andre`
* Common Name: Devil Flower, Bat Flower
* Family: Taccaceae Dumort.
* Country of Origin: Indonesia,Malaysia
* Habitat: Photo above at rejang land, sumatra highland
* Description: Curious, bat-like inflorescence both in shape and color, with wide spreading, wing-like bracts of rich maroon-black, accompanied by long trailing filaments or “whiskers”; the small black flowers are succeeded by heavy berries; corrugated olive-green leaves with oblique base.
* Accession #: 199300422
* Source: Smith College - Plant
* Accession Date: 10/18/93
* Bench: 1102 - Aroids, Marantaceae
* Qty: 2 confirmed on 11/08/99
* Accession History
* Classification:
* Division: Magnoliophyta
* Class: Liliopsida
* SubClass: Liliidae
* Order: Dioscoreales
* SubOrder:
* Family: Taccaceae
* SubFamily:
* Tribe:
* SubTribe:
* Based upon: Watson, L., and Dallwitz, M. J. (1992 onwards). ‘The Families of Flowering Plants: Descriptions, Illustrations, Identification, and
* Information Retrieval.’ Version: 19th August 1999.
* Internet Resources for this taxon
* Credits: Information on this page has been compiled from:
* Exotica 4, by AB Graf, 1982
* Information found at

Reference :
http://www.birdfarm. net/MistysPassiflora/tacca.htm
http://www.rareflora. com/taccachablack.htm

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