Life starts here

September 1st, 2012 by ssiregar

Courtesy of Nutrilon Royal

Let’s call on
The interested.
The wide eyed.
The hopeful.
The princesses.
And the princes.
Their believer.

Let’s some on the generals.
The queens.
The kings.
And The knights start ride adventurous trails.

Let’s call on
The ledgers.
The lovers.
The big ones.
The small ones.
The boundaries.
The attendance.
The conductor.

Let’s call on
The free thinkers,
The explorers,
The scientists.
The CEOs.

Let’s call on
The sky walkers.
The movers.
The shakers.

Let’s call on the curious. And bring on the hope.

Life starts here

A father from a brother

April 16th, 2012 by ssiregar

“Mom, in Bahasa Batak I should call my brother and my cousin (the son of my father’s brother): Ito … Right? I confirmed my Mom, my teacher in Batak culture and language course at home.

“Yes, your brother is your Ito!”

If by birth you do not have any brother as your sibling, the son of your father brother’s officially or I should say traditionally (of course in Batak Tradition) is your brother … with the same right and responsibility as your own biological brother…

“How about the son of my brother?”
“He is your Ama - na poso (Young Father)!”

You shall seriously love and deeply respect your brother’s son since he is as priceless as your father! He will be your financial supporter and guardian in your old age. I learned.

“And the son of the son of my brother?”

“Hmmm … you call him also your Brother.” The answer came in a second.

“And the son of the son of the son of my brother, how do I call him?”

“He is again your Father!”

“And the son of the son of the son of the son of my brother is again: my Brother?


I concluded:
Since I am a female member of the Siregar royal family (QED)
If I put myself in the 0-th generation


(1) any prince of the Kingdom of Siregar in the same generation with me or those in any even (2nd, 4th, 6th, so-on) generation after me is my brother

(2) Others, those in the odd generation before (-1st, that was my real Father) or after (the 1st, 3rd, so-on) me is my Father.

Note: a member of the Siregar royal family is s/he with Siregar as her/his surname… The surname is paternally bestowed.

My Mom raised her eyebrows, skipped my sounded-like-an-amazing-algorithm-but-actually-not-so conclusion, brought me back to the most important fact, posed the question:

“Do you intend to live that long? To know the grandson of the grandson of your brother?”

Whoa !

My Umbrella … Ella … Ella …

March 28th, 2012 by ssiregar

Finally after more than 22 months, I made my hair cut. Gone my quite long cruelly curly hair. I now had my hair high off my shoulders.

I met my fans afterwards, and Rachel the leader of the fan club, stared at me and screamed, “Wow … You got a new hair cut!”

“Does it suit me? Am I pretty?”

“Yup! It’s beautiful…you now look like Rihanna!”

The other members of the club, disagreed. They grinned!

“Oh … Not exactly like Rihanna… More like her friend!” Rachel accommodated the disagreement of her colleagues.

“Oh, Beyonce?” Still flattered, I asked.

“No, you look like … - at this point, Rachel winked, a code for all of my fans to sing in unison - UMBRELLA … ELLA … ELLA …!”


What a day!

March 18th, 2012 by ssiregar

What a day!

A very dear friend successfully completed her doctoral study …
(She proved beyond all the logical axioms she scrutinized that… beauty and brain do go along!!!)


I was hugged by a well-known Mathematician and Professor (who kindly reprimanded me, “ah … Have you not done your homework yet?”)
I kissed the hand of my favorite and inspiring Philosophy Professor…
I held the right arm of my supervisor, a handsome Statistician and Professor…

What a day!


Little Angel

March 14th, 2012 by ssiregar

You were supposed to be a very special gift for my second birthday. Beautiful pure soul who - for let’s say up to the beginning of our adolescence - would be my biggest fan.

You would adore me, consider what I say and do as magic! You were supposed to learn from me, even imitate me.

Though I would be your king whose commands you should faithfully accomplish, you would be regarded as my darling comrade from whom later I learn how to deal with pimples, dandruff, body odor and cute girls.

I would be a great scientist … as great as Albert Einstein …

“And you, young lady should be pick a different idol … Hmm… How about, Stephen Hawking?”, It’s an order!!!

We should go to the same Physics Department of a prestigious University exploring the mystery of the universe.

I might use more my brain as you with your heart. You might sing, dance, and draw more exquisitely than me, on such artistic things, I would never envy you. Angels are blessed to do beautiful stuffs, dear!

And you, honey … is my angel … My little angel who flew up to heaven - to be again warmly held in the divine womb - before I could tell everything written above …

before I could hug you

before I could kiss you

before I could say that we have a same birthday date so we might have a double-birthday party every year which sometimes we like but more frequently hate …

before I could say that I love you

my little princess

my baby sister

my angel!

[To Darryl]

Seriously frying doughnut

February 28th, 2012 by ssiregar

“Do we need hypothesis in our research?” In a week, two friends asked me this question. When I asked Professor Dr. Yuhara Sukra, MSc the same question, he answered me with these following questions:

(1) What is a research?
(2) What is the objective of your research?

I flipped the pages of the draft of my thesis and answered based on what I had written. Intensely the Prof. listened to me and then asked another questions…

(3) What is a hypothesis?
I answered precisely like what I had memorized since my sophomore year in college.

(4) So, do you need to put any hypothesis in your research?

I did not have any idea…

“Let’s say… that you are going to cook something … making doughnut, for instance!” The professor started his analogy.

I grumbled, “I do not cook!”

“Making doughnut is your research! So, what is your research?”

“In this case, making doughnut?” I replied in a full confusion fashion. Prof. YS did not protest.

“What is the objective of your research?”
“Making doughnut?”
“What kind of doughnut?”
“A nutty doughnut?”

Prof. YS raised his eye brows. I changed my answer.

“A delicious doughnut?”
He agreed…

“OK… do you need a hypothesis…?”
Prof. Yuhara asked in a cool tone. A reflection of his wisdom and kind heart.

While making Doughnut? No… I do not need hypothesis, I need a help… or a ride to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts… but come to think of it, I’m not a doughnut lovers… Can I skip the doughnut? Can I just have a slice chessy with smoked beef pizza?

Hmmmm, to cover the emptiness of my mind, I intuitively answered, “No?”

Again Prof. YS agreed “Why?”

“Because, I just want to make a delicious doughnut!”

“So, what should you report to your professor?”

“The steps to make a delicious doughnut? The result?”
“Yes…, that’s right! No need of any hypothesis…!” I saw a light, I was being enlightened.

“Let’s go further… If you have two kinds of flour… Hmmm… What kinds of flour do you know suitable for making doughnut?”

I almost screamed, “I do not know! I never cook, Professor?”

He ignored my response, “Potato flour and wheat flour, for example… And if you want to know which flour makes a more delicious doughnut! Do you need a hypothesis?”

I nodded.
“What is your hypothesis?”
“That the type of flour effects (or does not effect) the taste of the doughnut!”
My professor nodded and said, “You are now ready to make doughnut!”

Oh! No!
Can I skip the doughnut?

Ro*eo oh Ro*eo

January 28th, 2012 by ssiregar

On completing our scrabble session, I arranged the word “RODEO”.
To get the approval, I asked my opponent: Rachel - an almost seven year old and a super clever first-grader, “Do you know what a rodeo is?”
Rachel nodded and proudly replied, “Certainly, Miss…! Rodeo and Juliet!” :-)

New Year Wishes

December 28th, 2011 by ssiregar


Another new day is arriving

Bring back my long lost faith

Bless me with love and passion

so that I could again be brought down to earth!

I see a light

though not a radiantly bright one

to ultimately vanish the darkness

Oh come oh come

A new dawn is arising

A new morning is coming

Grant the light to my heart

Revive my faith

Come oh come


My humble interpretation of “Kupinta lagi”

A patriotic song

by J.E. Tatengkeng and C. Simanjuntak (YYYY?)

Beautifully sung by Koor Gabungan #HKBP Kernolong

on the second day of Christmas

December 26, 2011

we we we

September 17th, 2011 by ssiregar

How do you pronounce “”?

In English, it’s “double you-double you-double you dot the_name_of_the_web dot kom.

How do you pronounce it in Indonesian?

Honestly, I do not know how.

But (I think) almost every Indonesian speaker will pronounce it as:

“we-we-we dot the_name_of_the_web dot kom”.

We-we-we is www [world wide web]  in Indonesian sound.

W -  the Indonesian double-you is pronounced “we”, with the e sound similar to the “e” in the English word “wet” not as “e” in the English pronoun “we” .

For “dot” [.] the full stop, Indonesian has the word of “titik”

Yet, in the case of “we-we-we”, Indonesian prefers to use “dot” instead of “titik”.

By using dot for the full stop punctuation mark in that term, actually Indonesian adds another meaning to the Indonesian  “dot” entry in  the Indonesian dictionary.

The long known meaning of “dot”  in Indonesian [language] is  baby pacifier …

You know that thing … the rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple given to an infant or other young child to suck upon.


The “dot” is pronounced like the English “dot”.

The last part of the “we-we-we” i.e. “com” is also pronounced as the English “com” that is “kom”.

From small thing as the “we-we-we”, we catch the wisdom of this great nation.

How frequently we apply some things wholly-fully, sometimes partly, sometimes with adjustments.

Sometimes the adjustments make sense, but almost always are confusing …

Agreement made may be right, it may be wrong…

Even … agreement  may not be made …

It does not matter …

It soon will be forgotten and forgiven due to majority’s comfort

How did you meet Mom, Dad?

July 25th, 2011 by ssiregar

How did you meet Mom, Dad? Little Felix asked.

“She was my law school classmate!” Factual answer came from the father.

“Hm, I thought you flew to the sky, found an angel and asked her to come home with you!”

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