I stopped blogging after 99 blogs…

The fact was confirmed by the machine and network.

99! What a number!

So, this is my 100th blog after a-five-year (is it really already 5 years) pause.

I actually still have some (FB) notes dated from sometime in 2013 to maybe 2017 which as I decided when I started to write on this site will be the part of the blog.

Why did I stop blogging?

As the FB change its appearance and mode, I also got my first smart-tabbie. So, I converted my social-media mode from netbook to a computer  tablet. Moreover, the Notes menu on FB disappeared (or hidden somewhere) - and writing notes on FB on the tab become annoying … and the FB status  (what’s on your mind) becomes unlimited.  Hundreds of word can be accommodated on the status … so I stopped  writing notes… and put activities, feelings and pictures on my mind on to the status…

But a couple days ago… I re-read my notes and decided to archive them to this blog … along with my FB statuses …  after all… they might be my digital assets…

Hahahaha ….beyond all

A good way to have fun!

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