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Independent freedom, free will and events

Monday, January 7th, 2013


Statistics 101 - Midterm test

Problem #4: P(A) = x, P(B|A) = y, P(B) = z,    where  x,y,z >0

(of course the real test  is not as implicit as these equations,  you have to invent the equations  from half page of a very tricky story )

Are A and B independent events? Please consider adding the proof to your answer (This is the main question).

A student’s answer: Yes, because everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedom.

Another student’s answer: Yes, because everyone was born with free will to choose his/her own way of life.


My students mixed up Bayes’  Probability  with The Universal Declaration of  Human Rights or made the statistics’ problem sounds so-what philosophic  because they translated “Independence” with freedom and free will, didn’t they?

Ha . . .

Actually the right answer is as easy as you can prove that P(B|A) = P(B) leads to what Bayes’ conclusion that A and B are independent events.

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