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The “Take me out” Theorem

Friday, December 28th, 2012

The “Take me out” Theorem:

In a two-phase process of making a choice:

Where in the first stage, you have to choose only two among many options and at the end you only could get one, then the first two you choose are the most you like and dislike … By doing so you ease the next stage.

*What do you think Prof. Nash?

Consequence of the theorem:

Being second on the list means being the most dislike. Implicitly you are chosen to be rejected. People talk sweet things about you but they turn off your light.

**Oh, I’m watching too much tv

***Take Me Out is a trademark of FremantleMedia Limited …

A postcard is worth a thousand words

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Found on the foyer chest, a postcard which made my heart to heavily drum. I turned the postcard. The stamps signed that it was sent from the other side of the world… thousands miles from home. The only handwritten words - which I knew so well - were my address. Nothing on the message part. I kissed the postcard to decipher and to hear - as if I put my ear to hear the sound of the ocean through a¬† seashell¬† - he declaimed my favorite passage of his: “If I don’t say I love you. It means that I do”.

Inspired by an old man whom I saw put such a (blank) postcard into a post box at the hospital this morning. I really hope that the address was legibly written.

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