The Dragon Lady

When JP was only three or maybe four year old, he was profoundly attached to a particular television commercial, a facial foam advertisement starred by a young -beautiful-smooth-white-as-pearl-skin faced girl.

Crystal clear … (we thought that) the pretty face was his main interest, until one day …

His mom took the TV remote and was about to change the channel while JP’s favorite ad had just commenced. JP screamed, “Nooo. Mommy … don’t do that… don’t change the channel!” His mom sighed, “Oh honey, what make you like the ad so much? The lady?”

JP nodded, a confirmation proceeding his proclamation, “It said the lady got a Komodo on her nose! I have noticed the lady hundreds times but never seen the dragon. Have you?”

What Wikipedia says on the matter:

Komodo (in Indonesian Language) = Komodo or Comodo Dragon: Varanus komodoensis, also known as the Komodo monitor, is a large species of lizard found in Indonesia…

Komedo (in Indonesian Language) = Comedo: non inflamed pore blocked with sebum, a symptom of acne vulgaris…

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