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The Ex Files

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

On the commuter train this morning, A pretty lady sitting on my left was talking on her telecommunication(al) gadget: “Yes, my ex (boyfriend(?) or husband(?)) named his daughter after me! Precisely using my full complete name!”

A sudden pause, and then she continued: “But he dare not to be my Facebook friend!”

Eavesdropping is quite electrifying…

You are permitted not to brush your teeth

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Wanda (Mom) asked Hammie (Son): Did you brush your teeth?

Hammie translated his mom’s command as: How many bizarre excuses can you come up with (for not brushing your teeth)?

Hammie devised these rationales:
(1) I lost my toothbrush
(2) I forgot
(3) My mouth is too tired
(4) I cannot find the toothpaste
(5) I didn’t get my teeth dirty today
(6) I’m just going to brush ‘em twice in the morning!

The Dragon Lady

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

When JP was only three or maybe four year old, he was profoundly attached to a particular television commercial, a facial foam advertisement starred by a young -beautiful-smooth-white-as-pearl-skin faced girl.

Crystal clear … (we thought that) the pretty face was his main interest, until one day …

His mom took the TV remote and was about to change the channel while JP’s favorite ad had just commenced. JP screamed, “Nooo. Mommy … don’t do that… don’t change the channel!” His mom sighed, “Oh honey, what make you like the ad so much? The lady?”

JP nodded, a confirmation proceeding his proclamation, “It said the lady got a Komodo on her nose! I have noticed the lady hundreds times but never seen the dragon. Have you?”

What Wikipedia says on the matter:

Komodo (in Indonesian Language) = Komodo or Comodo Dragon: Varanus komodoensis, also known as the Komodo monitor, is a large species of lizard found in Indonesia…

Komedo (in Indonesian Language) = Comedo: non inflamed pore blocked with sebum, a symptom of acne vulgaris…

Math and Cooking

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

My Mom, an excellent cook says: If you are good in math, then you can cook well… unfortunately it does not go the other way around. You definitely can use math in cooking, but can you use cooking in math? So it’s better to first study math then cooking, not vice-versa.

To all my little nieces and nephews who now are so inspired by the “MasterChef” on TV and have decided to be a “Chef” when grown-up…

And now you know why I do not cook…

Chasing… Adele

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Miss Widie began her analysis on one of Adele’s songs and said, “Have not you noticed that Chasing Pavements’ is about pursuing something that has no end?”

Senselessly I dazed and immediately professed, “Actually, at first I thought the title of the song was ‘Chasing payments’”

Should I give up,

Or should I just keep chasin’ pavements?

Even if it …

We are all the part of UEFA EURO 2012

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

A: I wish Italy will be the champion… It’s about time, they win!

B: How about JAPAN?

C: Whoaaa… Did not you learn anything in your BIOGRAPHY class?


Richard to Patricia, vice-versa

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Richard Nixon to Patricia Ryan:
“Let’s go for a long ride Sunday; let’s go to the mountains weekends; let’s read books in front of fires; most of all, let’s really grow together and find the happiness we know is ours.”

Patricia Ryan to Richard Nixon:
“In case I don’t see you before why don’t you come early Wednesday (6)—and I’ll see if I can burn a hamburger for you.”

Life starts here

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Courtesy of Nutrilon Royal

Let’s call on
The interested.
The wide eyed.
The hopeful.
The princesses.
And the princes.
Their believer.

Let’s some on the generals.
The queens.
The kings.
And The knights start ride adventurous trails.

Let’s call on
The ledgers.
The lovers.
The big ones.
The small ones.
The boundaries.
The attendance.
The conductor.

Let’s call on
The free thinkers,
The explorers,
The scientists.
The CEOs.

Let’s call on
The sky walkers.
The movers.
The shakers.

Let’s call on the curious. And bring on the hope.

Life starts here

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