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A father from a brother

Monday, April 16th, 2012

“Mom, in Bahasa Batak I should call my brother and my cousin (the son of my father’s brother): Ito … Right? I confirmed my Mom, my teacher in Batak culture and language course at home.

“Yes, your brother is your Ito!”

If by birth you do not have any brother as your sibling, the son of your father brother’s officially or I should say traditionally (of course in Batak Tradition) is your brother … with the same right and responsibility as your own biological brother…

“How about the son of my brother?”
“He is your Ama - na poso (Young Father)!”

You shall seriously love and deeply respect your brother’s son since he is as priceless as your father! He will be your financial supporter and guardian in your old age. I learned.

“And the son of the son of my brother?”

“Hmmm … you call him also your Brother.” The answer came in a second.

“And the son of the son of the son of my brother, how do I call him?”

“He is again your Father!”

“And the son of the son of the son of the son of my brother is again: my Brother?


I concluded:
Since I am a female member of the Siregar royal family (QED)
If I put myself in the 0-th generation


(1) any prince of the Kingdom of Siregar in the same generation with me or those in any even (2nd, 4th, 6th, so-on) generation after me is my brother

(2) Others, those in the odd generation before (-1st, that was my real Father) or after (the 1st, 3rd, so-on) me is my Father.

Note: a member of the Siregar royal family is s/he with Siregar as her/his surname… The surname is paternally bestowed.

My Mom raised her eyebrows, skipped my sounded-like-an-amazing-algorithm-but-actually-not-so conclusion, brought me back to the most important fact, posed the question:

“Do you intend to live that long? To know the grandson of the grandson of your brother?”

Whoa !

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