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My Umbrella … Ella … Ella …

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Finally after more than 22 months, I made my hair cut. Gone my quite long cruelly curly hair. I now had my hair high off my shoulders.

I met my fans afterwards, and Rachel the leader of the fan club, stared at me and screamed, “Wow … You got a new hair cut!”

“Does it suit me? Am I pretty?”

“Yup! It’s beautiful…you now look like Rihanna!”

The other members of the club, disagreed. They grinned!

“Oh … Not exactly like Rihanna… More like her friend!” Rachel accommodated the disagreement of her colleagues.

“Oh, Beyonce?” Still flattered, I asked.

“No, you look like … - at this point, Rachel winked, a code for all of my fans to sing in unison - UMBRELLA … ELLA … ELLA …!”


What a day!

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

What a day!

A very dear friend successfully completed her doctoral study …
(She proved beyond all the logical axioms she scrutinized that… beauty and brain do go along!!!)


I was hugged by a well-known Mathematician and Professor (who kindly reprimanded me, “ah … Have you not done your homework yet?”)
I kissed the hand of my favorite and inspiring Philosophy Professor…
I held the right arm of my supervisor, a handsome Statistician and Professor…

What a day!


Little Angel

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

You were supposed to be a very special gift for my second birthday. Beautiful pure soul who - for let’s say up to the beginning of our adolescence - would be my biggest fan.

You would adore me, consider what I say and do as magic! You were supposed to learn from me, even imitate me.

Though I would be your king whose commands you should faithfully accomplish, you would be regarded as my darling comrade from whom later I learn how to deal with pimples, dandruff, body odor and cute girls.

I would be a great scientist … as great as Albert Einstein …

“And you, young lady should be pick a different idol … Hmm… How about, Stephen Hawking?”, It’s an order!!!

We should go to the same Physics Department of a prestigious University exploring the mystery of the universe.

I might use more my brain as you with your heart. You might sing, dance, and draw more exquisitely than me, on such artistic things, I would never envy you. Angels are blessed to do beautiful stuffs, dear!

And you, honey … is my angel … My little angel who flew up to heaven - to be again warmly held in the divine womb - before I could tell everything written above …

before I could hug you

before I could kiss you

before I could say that we have a same birthday date so we might have a double-birthday party every year which sometimes we like but more frequently hate …

before I could say that I love you

my little princess

my baby sister

my angel!

[To Darryl]

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