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Seriously frying doughnut

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

“Do we need hypothesis in our research?” In a week, two friends asked me this question. When I asked Professor Dr. Yuhara Sukra, MSc the same question, he answered me with these following questions:

(1) What is a research?
(2) What is the objective of your research?

I flipped the pages of the draft of my thesis and answered based on what I had written. Intensely the Prof. listened to me and then asked another questions…

(3) What is a hypothesis?
I answered precisely like what I had memorized since my sophomore year in college.

(4) So, do you need to put any hypothesis in your research?

I did not have any idea…

“Let’s say… that you are going to cook something … making doughnut, for instance!” The professor started his analogy.

I grumbled, “I do not cook!”

“Making doughnut is your research! So, what is your research?”

“In this case, making doughnut?” I replied in a full confusion fashion. Prof. YS did not protest.

“What is the objective of your research?”
“Making doughnut?”
“What kind of doughnut?”
“A nutty doughnut?”

Prof. YS raised his eye brows. I changed my answer.

“A delicious doughnut?”
He agreed…

“OK… do you need a hypothesis…?”
Prof. Yuhara asked in a cool tone. A reflection of his wisdom and kind heart.

While making Doughnut? No… I do not need hypothesis, I need a help… or a ride to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts… but come to think of it, I’m not a doughnut lovers… Can I skip the doughnut? Can I just have a slice chessy with smoked beef pizza?

Hmmmm, to cover the emptiness of my mind, I intuitively answered, “No?”

Again Prof. YS agreed “Why?”

“Because, I just want to make a delicious doughnut!”

“So, what should you report to your professor?”

“The steps to make a delicious doughnut? The result?”
“Yes…, that’s right! No need of any hypothesis…!” I saw a light, I was being enlightened.

“Let’s go further… If you have two kinds of flour… Hmmm… What kinds of flour do you know suitable for making doughnut?”

I almost screamed, “I do not know! I never cook, Professor?”

He ignored my response, “Potato flour and wheat flour, for example… And if you want to know which flour makes a more delicious doughnut! Do you need a hypothesis?”

I nodded.
“What is your hypothesis?”
“That the type of flour effects (or does not effect) the taste of the doughnut!”
My professor nodded and said, “You are now ready to make doughnut!”

Oh! No!
Can I skip the doughnut?

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