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Romanticism in (no) need

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Romeo and Juliette came to the end of their summer evening promenade.

They arrived at the gate of the central park.

A boy selling flowers and candy cotton approached the couple.

The ambiance - the green park, the sunset, the fountain, the  beautiful Romeo -

drove Juliette to see the flower seller as the manifestation the classical poem:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you

“A dollar for a flower  … a dollar for a candy cotton!”

The boy almost screamed at Juliette.

His voice flew Juliette back to the reality, dramatically cut her Shakespearean reverie.

Juliette thought, “Here come a persistent seller!”, got her senses and immediately tried to find a way

to get rid of the nuisance.

Surprisingly beyond her expectation,

Romeo took a pink carnation out of the bunches flowers held by the flower seller.

“It is for you, Juliette!”

Romeo gave the flower to Juliette.

She accepted the flower, her joy overflew.

The flower  would last forever, Juliette decided.

It would be kept forever in her heart

or dried out between the thick pages of the dictionary?

“A dollar, sir?”

Romeo reached into his pockets, took his purse then gently turned to Juliette and said

“Do you have a one dollar bill, Julie? I do not have any change to spare?”

Juliette again came back to the real world.

She took a one dollar bill from her purse,

gave the money to the flower seller,

gave the pink flower back to the seller,

and took a pink candy cotton instead.

She got herself a big pink candy cotton.

Yes, sugar is sweet …

And so are you, Julie.

[to know you, we could skip the Roses and Violets, Julie]

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