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You are the cupcake of my life

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

I saw Romeo said something to Juliette.

It was nice to see at last Romeo noticed Juliette.

Since almost the whole semester, Juliette had a crush on Romeo.

As a future great strategist, Juliette had successfully devised some well planned incidents

to alert him of her existence.

Administered herself in Romeo’s calculus class.

Participated in the environment project in which Romeo was interested.

Even, ran on to him down the hall with a stack of books… and let the books fell down … scattered…

[at this point, the plan did not work, Juliette and the books were too tough to be knocked down by Romeo]

And finally, he said something to her.

What a happy day!

Juliette did not say anything back to Romeo.

Romeo left with smiling face.

Juliette face turned green…

She saw me then crazily waved her hands to me.

She raised her eyebrows.

“At last…!”,  I praised her.

She made a face.

“I put my perfume this morning, because I know I will come across him this morning?”


“He was right behind me, sniffed and said, “Hey, you have some cupcakes with you?”

Juliette opened her bag, and handed me a small bottle.

Vanilla perfume!

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