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Professors’ Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

March 4, 2011


At the open door of the meeting room.

I greeted all the professors with “Selamat Siang, Profesor,Pak,Bu!”(*)

The head of the meeting, a great professor - who had educated countless number of high ranked government officers and non-government business people in this country - sat on the chair at the head of the table nearest to my way in.

So, he was the first to respond to my greeting.

He nodded and I accepted his nodding as a permit.

I stepped in to the room.

Before my third step of entering the room, the head professor commented, “Ah, you still speak Indonesian!”(**)

I turned back and almost automatically replied, “just a little, Professor!”

The professor was still holding my dissertation draft written in English.

I won my way to my chair.

(*) Good Morning, Professor, Sir, Ma’am! [English]

(**) Masih bisa Bahasa Indonesia, toch? [Bahasa Indonesia]

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