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The fact of life

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

You should know:

That whatever you have now is temporary.

You may have great happiness now, but it would not last forever.

The sadness also undergoes exactly the same path.

Whatever situation you face now, it has its time limit.

Your glistening rainbow of joy would wilt


your dark night of the soul (*) would cease

Everything is in its time frame.

So, just seize everything

and pray  for the strength to overcome all …

for gratefulness to enjoy all …

Note on Note:

I eavesdropped these sentences on the train … on my way to campus this morning.

An elegant old lady in purple encouraged an intelligent looking young girl in pink.

I sat beside them.

They thought I could not listen their heart-to-heart conversation, since I plugged my earphone wires to my ears …

They did not know that the music-player played nothing.

Pretending that you listen to the music-player (that actually plays nothing) is a good trick to eavesdrop.

I like always like this trick

The only disadvantage of eavesdropping is that you cannot give any comment on the overheard matters.

(*) The dark night of the soul (Saint John of the Cross)(?)

Diet Mathematics

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

“I’m on diet!”

I proclaimed the fact to my dear friends.

They all knew for sure I did need to do so.

Belly speaking, mine now is as big as the biggest green fresh water melon you could found.

I really need a flat one to make my brain  work more methodically, intelligently and  smoothly.


The wisest among my  inner closest ring of friends put more attention to the proclamation than the others.

“I have stopped having the second serving of food in every meal!”

She seemed grateful.

“I now just take a single portion in every meal …!”

An elliptic sentence.

The wise friend of mine waited for the continuation…

“I now put twice amount of food in my single portion!”

We all laughed.

The wisest, also…

Yet, instantaneously she ratified,

“Yes, you are right … You are on diet…  Does not “on diet” mean doing mathematics on your meal?”

See, how I always have supports from my wonderful friends?

[Mathematics speaking .... X+X = 2X]

Not forever(*)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

not forever my arms could embrace you

not forever my fragile body could shield you

at the end the heart could not beat the fate of time …

all the beauty will soon fade away

all the love will soon dissolve

nothing last forever …

nothing is eternal ….

gone the weary soul

be ready all the successors…

let me take a breath

just for a little while

before I vanish …

(*) Peterpan’s …Tak Ada yang Abadi …

to a pearl of my memory chain

to my uncle. whose demise left a void in my heart

yet at the same time

led me to be acquainted with some cheerful young souls

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