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The Perfect time: Now

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

I was in a very serious seminar on econometrics.

My effort to hearten myself ended as soon as the great lecturer said his third sentence.

His first was, “Good morning!’”

His second was, “OK, it all begins with simple linear regression!”

Afterward, I was in the wonder land.

I held myself not to widely yawn,  signaling out my brain capacity.

From behind, a sigh heard.

I turned round, my dear professor - an expert of many things related to economics, econometrics and so on - seemed bored.

“Hey, I get something to tell  (or ask?) you!” He whispered enthusiastically almost soundlessly as he noticed me,

“Come, sit beside me!”

It was a command, so I left my seat and sat beside my dear professor.

The professor and I went to a very deep discussion of a matter not related to the lecture.

We let the voice of the honorable speaker became the background sound of the setting.

We were still deeply drowned  in our conversations, when some time near the end of the lecture, a question addressed to my professor. The request from the moderator.

“Any comment on the matter, Professor?”

Without any indication of guilt, the professor answered,  “Sorry, I did not follow the lecture … I’m discussing some things with Suzanna!”

His frankness was immediately forgiven by the audience, by the speaker, by the committee, of course because of his seniority and superiority.

As, I …  I  had trespassed the prime rule of attending seminar,

“thou shalt not have thine own seminar while attending one.”

I had sinned. I let myself spoke while actually only the person in the lectern had the right to do so.

My understanding friends commented, “It’s always like that …  every time you meet him, you forget all and engross in a heart-to-heart chat!”

“What are you talking about?” A friend asked.

Not always about his expertise and not always about my lack of knowledge.

Mostly about the advanced methodology used in his expertise, which frequently I avoid.

Two people from two different generations share common likeliness.

I am twenty years younger than my professor.

Not so long ago, I wondered, what happened if I met the younger version of my professor.

What happened, If I met him when he was only 30, right after he got his PhD in economics?

For sure he would not mean a thing for me.

His mathematical models, statistical methods and hypotheses all would be big zeroes for me.

Since at that time, my Mom and Dad were all the economy meant for me …["Dad, buy me a skateboard ... everyone in the class has it!

"Can I have instant noodle soup to go with my rice instead of this spinach, Mom?"]

So, I like what time brings me …

I like being in a friendship with my professor now, not twenty year earlier …

“Yes, I think I like  the-now-you too!”

On a date with my old and young  friends,  in front of a bowl of beautiful chocolate ice cream,  JP a six years old philosopher - who happened to be the baby nephew of a friend of my friend, confessed.

I stared at JP.

Not completely understood what he had said.

He smiled and explained, “I did not remember you, when you saw me for the first time. When you saw me as a baby! Even though my mom, my auntie and all their friends kept on telling me that you said a lot of funny wishes for me as you held me”

[Hey, I also the one who suggested the "J" part of you name, dear JP...  Hope your mom and aunt told you so]

JP continued his clarification on the magic of time.

“Mom always said that she was a good artist when she was young! But, she danced without me … She drew every thing but not me …  She played piano not for me … so, I like my now-Mom … we do things together!”

A moving closure, dear!

Yes, you are right, baby!

Now is the perfect time!

And I have  to say again: I love what time brings me!

If you could see everything, why should we declare?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Successfully I passed the detector at the boarding gate of an international airport.

My two senior travel mates - who already passed the inspection earlier - would proudly say it was all because of their advices - which I obediently followed.

Avoid black clothes, put on the light colored ones!

It’s better to wear your sneakers those with the rubber soles!

No, don’t wear those boots.

The last time you wore those, the detector beeped crazily and you had to took them off

[I did not know why the shoe-master slipped a piece of metal inside my boots]

Then … your thumb toes were exposed to the public, thanks to your black socks which torn precisely on the thumb toes parts …

Ha ha …

Put your sweater and scarf in your hand luggage, you could wear them as soon as you passed the security check.


The hand luggage section ran quite smoothly. The only problem was that I had to put my computer back in its soft case then to my backpack.

I needed a flat surface to put everything back in order.

I spied, the empty space of a table near an officer not so far from the computer stuffs was considered ideal.

The operation also ran well, I had my computer back in my backpack and my sweater in my arms.

I was about to join my friends when I heard the commotion.

A group of juveniles was under inspection.

Their laughter and screams put nice noise to the serenity of the boarding sphere.

Suddenly a soft frustrating gasp heard, one of the handbag of a girl of a group was thoroughly examined

“Miss, please take your bag here!” A fierce voice of an officer directed the girl to the table which I had just been left by.

“What have I done?”

“It seems that you put a knife in your bag?”

“what knife?” She was surprised.

I turned my head to the computer screen and saw the knife. The girl also did the same thing and saw the same thing.

The girl screamed, “Oh … I forgot, yes… it was the jam knife I used to cut the soap bar!”

[Why did the girl have to cut the soap bar?]

“The jam knife from the hotel, Sir!” The girl tried to explain but still I did not get the answer on why she cut the soap.

“Please take the knife out!” Coldly the officer commanded.

“Do I have to?’


The girl opened her bag and took out some balls… balls of dirty clothes and crumpled used underwear …

The officer put a pair of plastic gloves on his hands and took some distances from the girl and the bag.

As if the bag and the girl were the resource of contagious diseases.

The girl took the knife out and gave it to the officer.

The officer checked the knife, then said, “You may put the knife back to your bag!”

Widely the girl’s jaw opened.

After all the humiliation, the culprit was regarded not guilty… come on!!!

The officer handed her the knife. The girl put it aside, she busily put her things back to her bag…

In her very first steps of moving away from the security check, the girl grasped the knife and tossed it to the disposal bin,

she walked as a winner.

As I walked behind her steps, I remembered my experience with my checked baggage at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

[The airport is coded CGK which stands for Cengkareng the location of the airport]


I brought three bottle of wine inside my baggage, each bottle has 750 cc of dark red wine with 13% of alcohol concentration.

The total volume of the wine in my suitcase was over the allowable limit (1000 cc per person).

I should declare it, but I did not, definitely avoided paying tax on the wine and played as a criminal.

To my horror, my suitcase appeared on the baggage carousel very late.

During the waiting, I was worrying that the bottles broke.

After almost an hour, my baggage appeared dry and clean, without any scratch…

My wrapping the wine bottle with thick winter socks and sweaters indeed revealed as great successes.

Not a single drop of wine spilled.

I walked to the exit.

But an officer stopped me.

“Ma’am please put your things on the X-ray devices!”

Oh no… I was picked randomly as a sample …

[not every passenger undergoes this procedure, the officers may pick the sample randomly - based on their suspicion or based on nothing)

Oh why me …

I would be put in jail because of three bottles of wine, I trembled.

Later, my fear turned to be useless, I passed the examination.

The officers let me out, let me out with my wine… Hip hip hooray!!!

I was so relieved … so glad, that I did not mind being complained and reprimanded by dear friends who already waited for me for hours outside the terminal with the limousine.

When I told them about my wine, they did not seem surprised.

One of them even commented, “It would be nicer, if you just wrapped the wine bottles with shining silver paper and glued several pieces of cables on the wrapped bottles! More suspense, Suzy!”

If only I could think about it!

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