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Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Twice I experienced the phenomenon this month…

The first happened when I was wondering why I always end up crying whenever I get angry, why I always uncontrollably sob  whenever I lose my temper.

[This indeed becomes the primary token  of my drama-queen personality].

Using “Angry” and “Crying”  as the keywords, I goggled … and learned a new word … Hypoglycemia …

The term relates the sugar level in our body with both physical and emotional symptoms, the later may include

outbursts of temper and crying spells.

Though hypoglycemia literally means a low level of sugar, it is evoked by high level of sugar consumption.

To conquer the very high level of sugar in the blood,  the pancreas works extra hard to produce insulin which eventually makes the blood sugar plummets below the normal level.

[ I do not have any medical education background, so please forgive me if I wrongly synopsized what Google had said on the issue]

Then, I  felt very exhausted … poured more stress on my weary body …. more sugar in the blood.

I turned  my computer off  and switched to my other comfort… my books… I decided to re-read one  from my collection.

Amy Tan’s book  “Saving the fish from drowning” suddenly was in my hand …  I picked it randomly.

Lying on the bed, I started to read the book …

I came to page 139 on which Miss Tan wrote the word “Hypoglycemia”

[The puppy and Heidi in story suffered from disease]

I came across the thing I had been thinking about.

The second happened when I realized that during the weekend I had already watched not only 1 or 2 or 3 movies of Keira Knightley but 4. The fourth was “Pride and Prejudice”, with charming Miss Knightley as the enchanting Miss Lizzy Bennet.

The movie led me  the original version of Miss Jane Austen’s work,  Pride and Prejudice: the book.

So that night after the movie, I read  again the famous prologue…. You know …   the legendary quotation…

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

In the middle of Chapter 3,  I gave up my reading and turned into the deep sleep.

The next morning, I saw the book was already on the floor, successfully fell down from my bed.

I grabbed the book and at glance read … “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me!” Mr. Darcy  commented on Miss Elizabeth  Bennet.  What a nice man! I thought.  I closed the book and put it on my bed-side table.  It would be for my bedtime reading.  I rushed to be ready to go to the university, first day of a new semester has just begun.

Along the way to the bus stop, I was still thinking about Mr. Darcy and the second Miss Bennet.

Suspiciously I wondered whether Elizabeth Bennet was the real representation of Jane Austen herself.

… hmmm….

In the bus, I frisked my bag, tried to find a nice distraction for the journey. I found something.

A new book. A fresh new book. It was still in its plastic wrap.  The Crossing of Ingo by Helen Dunmore.

I teared the plastic off, flicked the pages, for a while enjoyed the nice smelt of the ink and the paper … then … started to read.

On page 48, I read that Sapphire - the girl in Miss Dunmore’s story - read Pride and Prejudice in the kitchen to overcome all the  wild ideas on her mind …

I was amazed.

I closed the book immediately, then took my notebook and wrote some points for my next notes. This one.

I could use it for my English class, I thought.

The bus stopped.

I was already at the University gate, when my cellphone rang.

It was someone from my English class, called to remind me of the new schedule of our English class.


Well, may be the things we are thinking about do lead us…


I still wonder.

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