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Simple matter

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

It is very simple…

Just like two lovers saying goodbye at the train station

As the train starts off,
both move and wave their hands
the one - who left by - first walks then runs towards the end of the platform
the other on the train - to the end of the wagon
wishing they could freeze the moment by many kisses blown to the air
seal promises to be soon reunited by voiceless lips

A cliche!

If it is a simple matter
why some have to wait for twenty-seven years
the others for fifty-three …?

[a question to Gabriel García Márquez]

Flight arithmetics

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

how do I count my flight hour
should it be solely ..
if it involves time difference
it goes like …
if it considers the transit waiting time,
it magnifies as much as …

whatever number you write
to balance the arithmetic
you will always be true
since between seconds in all equations
you know what was on my mind
actually, not a special thing
it was only

Notes on the note:
(1) All the equations were subject to my on time chain flight that covered CTA - FCO - DXB - CGK, June 29 and 30, 2010
(2) The flights were sleepless, meal-ful and movie-ful
(3) Meal-ful in the sense of great beer, wine, juice, lunch, breakfast and dinner
(4) Movie-ful because I could watch (A) Invictus - by Morgan Freeman - who else could be as beautiful as Nelson Mandela, other than Morgan Freeman. A friend of a friend (that hopefully will also become a friend of mine) recommended this film two nights before the flight; (B) Temple Grandin (HBO film) - it was as lovable as A beautiful mind of Russell Crowe; (C) several classics (and new one) from Disney]
(5) Hey … one of the flight attendants in the last chain of the journey was among the most beautiful creature in the world, added to his blondness and tall figure was his romantic accented English. He was unforgettable …because … when I asked whether I could take the silverware as souvenir, firstly he shockingly shook but almost immediately he nodded and said, “Well, you can take them, Ma’am… consider …. I did not know, I did not see… He understandingly winked at me …” ;-)

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