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Intermezzo on the data

Monday, May 10th, 2010

This week, my project would be filtering the data from an enormous database…
I have started selected several industries to be included in the analysis - based on their US SIC …

4 digits of the US SIC will be the pointer - the indicator that two (or more) firms are in a similar business.

OK, that’s all for the explanation…

I considered working with data as playing a game… (hmm hmm hmm)
and it actually turned to be amusing …. (hmmmmm)

Consider these two first things I noted (I really wrote them in my diary)

(1) In US SIC = 6201 (that is National Commercial Banks)
I found a bank with the name of “The Holy Spirit Bank” (Banco Espirito Santo)


Imagine the situation when a customer of this bank is asked, “do you trust your bank?”
S/he will absolutely answer, “Sure, the Holy Spirit holds my money!”


(2) and 3571 is labeled as Electronic Computers …
what other type of computer except the electronic one?
do we have the windmill-energized computer???
or the solar-computer?
or the computer that does not need to be electrified ..

ha ha

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