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Nationalism and Solidarity at the (pirated) DVD movie stool

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Intentionally my friend and I stopped at the pirated DVD movie stool that evening …

The vendor greeted and grinned.
These couple weeks we have already become pals.

I asked for the most tearful films … 3 pieces for 20,000 rupiahs (3 pieces for least than 1.5 euro) - What a trade …

From his great collections, he pull out some Academy Awards, Golden Globe…other well-known (I know and/or I never heard of) film award movies … Hollywood and/or other English dubbed or subtitled …
Movies starred by famous and/or unknown superb actors.

“This is an excellent sad movie…!” He guaranteed.
“Does it have a happy-ending?” I spoke out my ridiculousness.
“Of course not!”

I took the DVD.
I have planned to have swollen dry eyes this weekend …

He continued browsing his disc racks.
“This is also good … Russian-Italian movie!” I went with his choice.

My companion that stood beside commented on how weird my choice was

“This is based on a best seller of Spanish novelist!”
We continued dealing…
Another movie picked

“How about Korean film? Korean best known for its great romantic tragic stories!”
He pointed to the other side of his wood shelves.
This time, I skipped the suggestion…

“Do you have Indonesian movies?” I asked.

The vendor shook his head …

“No… I do not sell any Indonesian (pirated) DVD movies! Never!”

Well, why?

“Do not have heart to do so … Pirating is very bad for the Indonesian movie (industry) …! We have to support and to encourage Indonesian movies!”

But it does not harm the Hollywood? the Korean? (or other International movies industry)???

He smiled as the conclusion drawn…

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