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My grandpa is my baby siSter

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

During a warm close family reunion in the last holiday season.
While a handsome baby boy presented, a proud newly mom announced …

“.. and … everybody …. you know what?”


“I got a perfectly great baby siSter of my baby!”

Another baby? Awesome!!!
I clapped my hands extending a big applause.

Some stared at me awkwardly

“Yes, my Dad … !” The mother smile victoriously.

I stupefied…

“Yup, he takes care of the baby more patiently than anyone else!”

Oh …

“He does not mind even to be smelt like all the baby’s stomach contents”

Oh … No… I almost screamed.

As many Indonesians still do, this young mother could not differentiate baby siSter from baby siTter.

That’s how we could always have our grandpa as our baby siSter.

Come on!

My Mom who sat beside me, felt the arousal of my sharp criticism.
Elegantly, she pinched me … softly leveled down my disapproval.

So the entertaining failure continues …

Now whoever you are - male or female, you could be someone’s baby siSter!

What a marvelous gift …

[to all the grandpas out there]

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