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If Mary chose her own Joseph … ?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

An invitation to the Sunday School Christmas this evening brings alive my favorite Christmas memory, those of my primary school Christmas play.

As I remember, through our school Christmas seasons, we always had Noni as our Mary…
A petite figured sweet girl with her very long hair nicely matched the image of The Holy Mother.
With her feminine smile …, she was a perfect choice…

For Joseph, the simple faithful carpenter - chosen as a worldly father to Lord Jesus - we had Bina, the most handsome (I remember all the girl said “yes” to his beauty) boy in the class (or in the school) … Hmmm… :-)

Our Mary - Noni - positively confirmed this opinion and declared it openly.

One day Bina was sick and did not come to school and because of it, he could not make it to the play rehearsal. Miss Lydia our teacher assigned Amri as the substitute. Amri was also quite popular: sweet and smart…. But compare to Bina, he was like the moon compared to the sun…

Amri was about to take his new role, leaving his guys and sheep
He was leveled up, from the poor shepherd to be one amongst the famous fathersĀ  in the history; when suddenly our Mary screamed… “No, I will not be Mary with him as Joseph … I only want Bina for my Joseph!”

Miss Lydia calmed Noni down, “Yes, Noni… Yes… Surely we will have Bina as Joseph… don’t worry … Amri is only in charge for this rehearsal!”

Our beautiful teacher guaranteed.
Our Mother Mary wiped her tears.
The rehearsal went smoothly.

Miss Lydia’s promise turned to be true.
In the Christmas celebration, we had again the most handsome Joseph whose arms tightly held by our firm-hearted Mary

[[It was a great relieve that Our Divine Mary was every contrary to our little Noni.
Mother Mary was definitely not a choosy person.
She though questioned the choice God made upon her ("Why Me, Lord?" She wondered)
but then showed her fully endless submission to The Almighty...

As She proclaimed her willingness by simply said to God:

"Be it done unto me according to Thy word",

She stepped in to her role in one of the most miraculous events happened in the Universe: Christmas]

[This note is also for little JP who was really proud to be a Christmas sheep ... Whose baa's and mehs' sounds are among the most original in the performance world

and to preserve my memory of playing (frequently) as angel in the dramas, not as the leader one, not as Gabriele, not as Michael, just as a nameless little angel in the second row who busily thought about her white beautiful long dress, her silk-like gloves, her silver wand with star and her short yet impressive line, "fear not!" ]]

Merry Christmas!!!

who loves the rain

Monday, December 7th, 2009

The rainy season is now approaching
Morning may be glamorously blessed with sunshine

Then at the close of the day:
the sky turns gray, the rain falls, the thunder screams, the lightning scratches

The rainy season is now approaching
It reminds me of two guys who profoundly love the rain

At the first tick of the rain
Both will immediately leave their stuffs
[sophisticated computer-kind-of equipments, complicated mathematics papers]

To feel the rain showers on their skin
Both adore the rain as an universal dance
For some seconds, through their dancing
Both forget the dreams they have to gave in
[to be a rock star, to be a basketball player]

and finally

Both learn my secret
why I always relate the rain with quiet eyes
with the dark charcoal almond-shaped quiet eyes

by this poem:

[Who loves the rain
And loves his home,
And looks on life with quiet eyes,
Him will I follow through the storm;
And at his hearth-fire keep me warm;
Nor hell nor heaven shall that soul surprise,
Who loves the rain,
And loves his home,
And looks on life with quiet eyes
- by Francis Shaw]

Teacher Room Chat: The Birthday Door

Monday, December 7th, 2009
This is a report of a true story:

We were chatting about many things when suddenly I asked everybody - five of us including me, all girls - this question: “What is your birthday? The date and year of your birth?”

Four of us answered without even thinking, almost spontaneously.
“Sept 19, 1909!” (It’s my birthday)
“March 7, 19XX!”
“Feb 16, 19XX”
“Nov 9, 19XX!”

The popped answers stopped at the fifth …

She smiled, “June 26,19XX … but I do not know for sure!”

“How cannot you be sure?”

She - who is 2 years younger than me - took a deep breath …

Here comes a great story:

“I was born in a little village in a remote area and at that time in that place reporting a birth to the authority seemed unimportant and was definitely not an obligation. My father just engraved the date of my birth on a wood door of our living room. Years passed by. We renovated or even re-built our house, we changed the floor, the ceiling, the windows and the doors… and before we realized, we had already thrown away the door marked with my birthday. And then came the day I had to go to school. My father and I went to school for the enrollment. The teacher helped my father to fill the form.

‘What is the birthday of your daughter?’ He asked.

My father just stared the teacher blankly. He cannot answered the question .. Gone was the old door… Then the teacher turned to another girl who had a same size as mine…

He asked her, ‘what is your birthday?’ The girl who was- to- be my classmate answered, ‘June 26, 19XX’.

The teacher said to my father and me, ‘OK, your daughter’s birthday is June 26, 19XX!’ My father agreed.

I did not really understood the matter. I just felt happy that I was officially a first-grader. At home, we told what had happened to my mother.

She seemed surprise and said, ‘I remember that you started to walk in that year!’

My father stunned. But any correction was never be done ever since and that’s how I got my birthday!’”


[Find out the true story of your birthday]

Measured by the palm size

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
Do you remember, dear …
when I could easily answer all your questions?

“Why is the sky blue?”

“Where does the rain come from?”

“What is the meaning of “mutant”?”
“Mutant, Miss Suzan … as in Ninja Turtles?”
Bless ye O … Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael…

At that moment, your palms were only half of mine.

The time your palms equaled mine …
Your questions became tougher, frequently I could not answer …

“How do you solve this covalent bond equation?”
You offered your chemistry notes for me to read, but I gave up.

“How about these sinus, cosinus, tangens, cotangens problems?”
I also surrendered.

You grinned and commented,
“but you were always listed as one of the smartest student in the class, weren’t you?”
Yup,but it was nearly a century ago when I got excellent marks for chemistry and maths at high school.

Just last week, you held my palms …
And we both agreed that your palms now have over-sized mine …

It took years, dear …
Yet, it is quite alright…

Handed to me a thick binder: a thesis, a MD thesis, yours.
On the dedication page, together with the name of Mom and Dad
written was my name

… and to Miss Suzan, my teacher …

Incredible what time has done

Now, it is my turn to ask some tough questions.
But, I do believe you will easily answer all, Doc!

[To my students]

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