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Blog assignments of my Statistics class

Monday, October 26th, 2009

By this note, I close the “Blog” session of our Statistics class…

Thank you to all the contributors  (whose name and link I mentioned in the previous reports).

… Below are the last but not least young writers who summarize the importance of Statistics in their recent  study….

40.  Tiara Nazwita Amin

41.  Deny Nugroho Putra

42.  Magdalena

43.  Atmie Aisty

44.   Nikmah Khumairoh

45.   Putri Ratu Retno Komala Sari

46.   Nani Yuliani

47.  Setiya Nugroho … will soon write the article  on his blog

Thank you, young minds!

God bless!!!

Do you have your towel with you?

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

A tap on my shoulder, and a soft nice voice half-whispered, “Do you have your towel with you?”
I turned back and screamed… “Pak Eko…!” and punched his arm twice and screamed and screamed and jumped and jumped again uncontrollably - like always.

I forgot that I was in the teacher room.
I forgot that the punching definitely was considered impolite. Since Pak Eko is older than me… a much more experienced lecturer than me … moreover this mathematician is a president of a university … only because of the doctoral class, this reserved, wise and refined gentleman befriends with a drama queen like me.

During several stressful moments, Pak Eko witnessed my irrepressibleness.
How I burst in anger then in crying … always.
To emphasize my drama queen side, I have to admit that when I am angry, I am crying, heavily-seriously crying …

The first time, I exposed my uncontrollableness to my doctoral classmates was in the final exam of Statistics. No, Statistics did not make me upset. I know, I am quiet good in the subject.
The change of the time-schedule that made me angry then made me cry.

I was completing my presentation in the Lab, when over a phone call an officer from the Secretariat of Doctoral Program (SoDP) informed that I should submit the paper right now, two days before the exam.

“Why did not you say so before?” I shouted.
“Please submit the paper now, we are to send it to the professor now!” The weak voice answered.
“I WON’T submit my paper, I will bring it with me on the exam day!” I thundered.
I continued the computation and the analysis.

The problem did not fully stop there.
Suddenly, the SoDP changed the time of exam, from evening to before mid-day.
The SoDP called me and I was again panic since I was (again) still in my Lab, 40-something kilometers from the examination venue. This time, I did not have any choice, I had to obey.
I grabbed my well-prepared paper and my jacket… ran wildly downstairs, frantically stopped a cab.”Taxiiiiiii!”

After an hour and half, I arrived at the campus.
The second, I entered the hall, one of the SoDP crews commented on my cloth.
I was wearing (as almost always) my old jeans pants, t-shirt and flat sneakers.  She thought I was not well-dressed (actually, she was right … I never am)

I burst in anger, I was victimized by the sudden change and before I had any chance to protest, a lady scolded me because of my appearance!
I started crying…
My classmates stunned…
I was crying continuously…
I wept.

“Susan, calm down… it soon will be your time to present your work!”, later the inner voice soothed me.
“OK… It’s enough!” I decided.
I went to the rest room, washed my face and put my jacket on.
“Hey, the jacket suits me well!” I saw my image in the mirror and felt perfectly ready for the examination.
The examination went without any obstacle. Another A for my transcript.
I closed the examination room door happily…

“How was it?” My classmates asked.
“It was very good!” I cheered.

Pak Eko stared at me, and calmly said, “But you know what, Susan… you should always have a towel for weeping your tears… a common handkerchief is not enough… a handkerchief will soon soak in your tears… twist it and you will get a bucket of tears!!!”

I agreed…

From that moment, Pak Eko’s favorite greeting for me is, “Do you have your towel with you?”

Not always, Pak…
Not always, Sir…

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