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Let’s play quiz on TV - children TV quiz

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Questions in a children (5th and 6th graders) TV quiz

Yesterday (more than 30 years ago):
What is the capital city of Bulgaria?” -> Sofia
Today (about 30 minutes ago):
“Where does this Indonesian famous band (note: the name of the band kept anonymous) come from?” (Ha?) (of course it comes from Indonesia… where else???)

“Who is the president of the Philippines?” -> Ferdinand Marcos (president of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986)
“Who is the ex-wife of the leader singer of this famous band?” (Hello?) (Uh… is she now also a national heroine?)

“Name the five brothers of Pandawa in the Hindu epic? -> Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa
“Name the three children of that singer (see questions number 1 and 2)?” (???) ( Urgghhhh…. I give up!!!!)

Live Long Indonesia!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

For my English class and for the Independence Day, I chose to translate this song - INDOVERS - a song by Project-P. Undeniably, the song was inspired by the magnificent hymn “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” of Ismail Marzuki. The song begins with the intro of the original Rayuan Pulau Kelapa, then elaborated by Raps intertwined with really easy listening melodies and ended with verses (again) from the hymn . .

Known for its great talent in singing parody, Project P does not lose its sense in this song… With unusual, bizarre, non-poetic and poetic vocabularies, the personals of the group exemplify the nationalism of many Indonesian scholars, scientists and professionals who still live abroad. Their insight leads us to the nationalism that is not only about missing rice with hot-red-chili-sauce-with-s

hrimp-paste, missing the pancakes … but also … about raising the national flag. . . about how still we are proud as Indonesian…


Live Long and Prosper, Indonesia!

(August 17)

Our fellow countrymen,
Please extend our best regards to the motherland
Profoundly we are long for her
To be there . . . with you
Regrettably now it is not yet our time to go home
Regrettably still a lot of bits and pieces hinder our way to be with you
Please accept our yearning
Oh how we miss rice with hot-red-chili-sauce-with-shrimp-paste

Our fellow countrymen,
If you by any chance can come to visit us
Please bring with you
The pancakes generously squirted with the dark palm-sugar-syrup
Or any home-made sweets, cookies and cakes
It might answer our longing
Oh how we miss the car race in the streets
How we miss the gossip of the celebrities and of the wanna-bes
What happened to those superstars?
Would you please tell us the details?

But, wherever we are today,
Our heart is notwithstanding from you . . .
Oh our beloved country
Oh how we miss our friendly togetherness
To be with you
You are so beautiful . . . incomparable to no other country
The inspiration of many love stories
Peace and glory to you, Indonesia…

Our fellow countrymen,
Far away from the country
Proudly we raise The Red-White up to the open heavens
It is not only a part of a national ceremony
But already became an emblem of how proud we are as the son of Indonesia
Our flag… Red is our blood… White is our bones…

Our fellow countrymen,
Your prayers are inestimable…
Though you miles away
Please pray for us
So soon, we shall present excellence…
That will lead our nation to the utmost position
Soon we will go back home
And fulfill our pledge

The breeze touches the leaves (and they are swaying)
All across the country, the palms swing delightfully in the coastline (palms in the coastline)
Our heart is whispering love words (whispering)
King of the wanderer (oh . . the gentle breeze . . .)
Adoring the dazzling islands (adoring the islands)
Our gorgeous motherland (so gorgeous)
We love you our soil . . our water … our land… our oceans (our country)

Swaying the palms in the coastline
Whispering the king of wanderer
Adoring the dazzling islands
Our country, Indonesia . . .

Indovers – performed by Project-P
Hardrock FM Jakarta (87.6 FM) recently plays and dedicates this song to Indonesia Unite
That’s how I come with the idea of noting the song . . .

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