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Ini Budi (This is Budi)

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Ini Budi (This is Budi)
Budi bermain bola (Budi plays football)

Sitting on the desk in the unadorned classroom, six worldwide prominent football players chanted the sentences above in unison, repeating what written in the backboard, what said by their teacher – a charming lady.

After finishing the sentences, all the boys laughed winningly…

And in the end of this advertisement of Manchester United’s tour to Jakarta sponsored by a mobile telecommunication company, three boys of the team said… “Mau?” (want it?)

It is indeed a great commercial. . . (please check the commercial on YouTube and my praise to the copywriter)

Using the very first sentence every Indonesian first-grader learned to read in her/his first days of school, the commercial successfully represented the grandeur, the openness and – at the same time – the simplicity of the Indonesian language.

It symbolized the fun to explore the wonder of this remarkable nation and the way to get acquainted with the beautiful people of Indonesia…

But within seconds, the bomb blast devastated all the exquisiteness…

Explosion ruined the hotel that was supposed to the home of the Red Devils’ boys.
They canceled their visit to Jakarta and called off their match with the Indonesian All Star football team.

Fans were totally disappointed.
Game committee held up million-dollar-loss.

But those were not compared to the open wounds of the heart of the victims and their family…
(Expatriate experts died, a young father passed away before seeing his newborn, a simple employee wondered whether he still can be the breadwinner of the family)

Many died and injured….

We wept with all the victims and their families…

And though, the disastrous incident felt like a rewound nightmare, a prayer offered that God will put end to the catastrophe and bless us the strength to overcome the pain left and to convince ourselves that every thing soon will be alright…

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