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Yes, I do love…

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

the policeman…

Absolutely… Definitely… Undoubtedly…. Unconditionally…

He ordered me to come on Friday, I came…
Then face-to-face he said, he could not meet me, “Call me!”
I called him. Over the phone, he commanded me to come on Monday…
OK. I did come…

But again he rejected me… “Come on Tuesday…!”
Indeed I came…

When I thought our relationship soon would be ended, he asked me to come the next day, “On 9 o’clock!”

I came and the story rolled again… “No, come in the evening…!”
In the evening?
So, I have to sacrifice the meeting with my professors?
He shrugged his shoulders….

“Yes, I’ll just sacrifice all, Because I love you so much….!” I mumbled.
How cannot you tell me I do not love the policeman?

When I came to see him in the evening…
Firstly, he refused to see me… “You are supposed to be here at 9…!”
Come on….????

At last, He agreed to proceed me to his office…
Put his computer on and started asking me…
He now knew me well…

He had my picture…
He knew my birthday, my marital status, my height (he even measured me…!)
My hair and my eyes color..
Maybe also my weight (which I myself didn’ t know)

He even grasped my hands…
held them tightly and put every fingers and palms on his scanner…
(I put my DNA on his magnificent machine 14 times: 2 thumbs, 8 fingers, 2 palms, 2 four- finger-at-once)

After that intimate moment…
He said… “Now your feet!”
I was about to put my boots off,
When he handsomely smiledand uttered “No…, I’m joking!”
As far as that, every thing was alright

Until… suddenly, the computer and the printer stopped to work…

Ten minutes of waiting…
I signed to confirm my existence at his very eyes

“OK.. that’s all!” He said…

So… that’s it? We broke up?

“Of course not, I’ll call you…”
“When?” I asked

He shook his head…

O My o My…
Another undetermined relationship? A non-commitment?

I left my beloved policeman broken-hearted…

Decided to insert myself in the sweet embrace of my favorite lemon-chocolate gelato…

Content Analysis: The Steps

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

This is a part of “Methodology” section in the Content Analysis we are now doing…

Totally 143 articles on “Coopetition” will be analyzed.  Articles are categorized in Published and Unpublished groups.  Published refers to a journal article and Unpublished includes the conference and workshop proceedings, internet (manuscript) files, thesis, research and working papers of research institution and universities.

All articles first are saved in PDF files, indexed in the EndNotes Library then converted into RTF format due to the software’s requirement.  Deformed words ad paragraphs caused from the conversion are restored.  To sustain  the validity and reliability of the analysis and to minimize the word redundancy,  the references and acknowledge parts, properties  of journal, workshop, conference, university and institution are removed.   Leave the articles only with name of authors and footnotes.   First step of our Content Analysis, the text preparation has completely done…

Second step that is defining codes and networks (of codes) also has already been done.  This task involved writing simple syntax for grouping the words and drawing relations between every code.  Queries are in our consideration in forming the “families” (or the subfamily) of nodes.

Third step is analyzing the files using the software.  Output will be saved in the format that can be read by Statistical Software, since it is the central part of the next step.  In the fourth step, the magnitude of relationships can be measured to indicate their significance.

Writing the report in the form of article is done in parallel with other steps.  So even though it is the fifth step, it commenced right after we decided to do this work.  Consultations, (frequently tough) discussions and literature review backed this step up.

Hmmm, I’m thinking to apply similar work to my Research Methodology class… Can not wait…!

Coopetition: Orthogonality, Multidimensionality, Framework and Measurement

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Dagnino and Padula, 2007

 ”We assume that coopetition is not a fully dichotomic construct, which may be depicted as a fixed point along a continuum between competition and cooperation or two opposite game structures: fully convergent versus fully divergent interest structure.  It is instead a multidimensional variable, which may assume a number of different values, especially when observed in an orthogonal structure between the two constructs of competition and cooperation.”


A node in an orthogonal structure bears properties (or value or degree of) both axes.  So putting coopetition in an orthogonal structure actually is mapping it in the Cartesian chart with cooperation and competition as axes (See figure 1, Mandal, 2004).  Under orthogonality, the axes (in this case the dimension of competition and cooperation) can also hold the construct of (every) pair of  dimensions.  Briefly,  it accommodates  multidimensionality.  So, for example coopetition can be seen in the orthogonal relation of convergent-divergent of interest (Padula and Dagnino, 2002; Padula and Dagnino, 2007) or trust-distrust between firms (Castaldo and Dagnino, 2004).


Adopting orthogonality, a framework to explore (or just to define as we depict a typology of) coopetition can be drawn.    By transforming the degree of construct in to two level (for instance, low – high) a typical framework with four quadrants can be formed.


Points to ponder:


By exploiting the orthogonality (I think) measurement(s) of coopetition can also be found….

What construct of the competition-cooperation constructs (other than trust, interest, innovativeness, knowledge creation/sharing…) should be involved?


How to accommodate the dynamics of Coopetitive relationship?



The fellowship of the keys

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Take your keys with you every time you have to leave home


Use them to close the home door


Do it in the gentle way,


so no tremble caused


and everyone left at home remains undisturbed



Be certain that the door is perfectly locked, if you are the last to leave …



Surely,  your keys are needed to open the home door






Put your keys on the chest in the foyer


so we know that you are at home


and you know who are at home




The fellowship of the keys:

Daniele, Ilde, Suzanna, Vera, Antoine



Might we not be able to be together again


But at and by heart we will make sure that


the memory of our brief togetherness


and the feeling of being at home


are perfectly preserved


as once and forever we have

and put our keys at their place…




Via Caff, Catania

October 2008 - February 2009


Note:   I was supposed the first one to leave the fellowship…




Short Message: Staying Extension

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Even though, I still really miss my classes, students, co-workers, relatives, friends and exceptional my Mom…  I cannot stop praising my Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God for letting me stay a little bit longer in Catania.  I wish that all of  my beloved will keep close to me through prayers or if you feel more practical through the internet (?)

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