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Rivoli: After All the Fame Gone

Monday, May 21st, 2007

We – who happened to be born, brought up, ever lived or nowadays still live in or just regularly pass through the quarter of Kramat Kwitang and Kramat  Pulo, Central of Jakarta – are absolutely familiar with Rivoli. In our Betawi dialect the name Rivoli frequently pronounced as Ripoli or Repoli. To us, Rivoli not only refers to the long forgotten and discarded movie theatre. It has become somewhat of a signpost leading to our environment. So, if you are heading Kwitang  by bus or other public transportation and the crew loudly shout the name, it means that you are about to step in to our home. Kwitang is across Rivoli, and Kramat Pulo is right behind.

The older generation who enjoy their young and mature ages in the 1950s – 1970s, had privilege to enjoy the splendor of Rivoli as one of the prominent movie theatres in Jakarta who specialized itself in performing Hindustan films. The ardent fans of the films – which famous for their tragic-melodramatic stories embellished with songs and dances – surely counted Rivoli as a must itinerary.

But as other earthly things, inevitably Rivoli has its time. The fans grew old, some lose their passion towards the jollity, and some tagged along behind the younger generation indulging themselves in television or chose watching films in the multiplex screens

As far as I remember, the management of the theater had taken actions to re-vive the theater. They divided the theater in to three studios following the pattern of the 21Cineplex (21s) network – the one that up to this day dominated the distribution of movies in the country. The management also decided to show Indonesia films beside their trademark films. I recalled that in the mid 1980-s, my sister and I watched Indonesian films there. The price of the ticket that was lower than the 21s. The interior was fairly proper, not so-cool air-conditioned. For seat, they only used simple chairs that undeniably cannot be compared to the thick and soft ones we have in the 21s. What experiences to know the theatre up close and personal!!!



Rivoli Today


Then the abandonment goes… In the 1990-s, it seemed that the theater went down to an absolute bankruptcy. In those days the building used for small stores and telecommunication kiosks. Towards the millennium, it became completely empty and deserted. Today it stood only as background of slump-polluted-over jammed crossroads. Yet, the name sign still legible to be proof of its grandness, though it’s temporary since unspeakably it will be soon meet its eternal demise, when even its name forever vanished and forgotten. The way to that reality is at hand. The busway shelter which located precisely in front of the old-shaggy theater refused to bear its name and chose Palputih instead. [Palputih is an alley about 30 meters northward the theatre.] Soon, we will completely lose it.

Today, on the front façade spread a banner picturing the design of the new building and its allotment for the electronics shopping centre. Hopefully, not only will it match the entirely landscape but also will converse the name. If not, the only way name of Rivoli would survive for some time is through the shouts of the public transportation crews while approaching the junction. Rivoli… Rivoli… Rivoli… Be ready to get off!

Notes: The same stories happened to some places in the city. How an intersection in Kebayoran is still called CSW, a market in Menteng is still named Boplo, the biggest hospital in Jakarta is sometimes referred to CBZ and Jatinegara is still known as Meester. Names that live a little longer beyond their origins and carry on the history.



“My” Coopetition: Inspiring Comments

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Here are valuable comments on my research proposal.

I thanked every one who had had time to ponder  on the issue

So, you are working on “Kopertis”, Ma’am?  - my student  (the most wittiest comment)

“Kooptasi?” - my professor

“It’s too imaginative!”  - my other professor

“Define the variable, create the measurement…  You are to not search, you are to  create the measurement!”  - also my professor  (the toughest to be operationalized)

“It was very nice to learn that you are doing research in the area of coopetition.”

- Sören Kock (Bengtsson & Kock, 2000)

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