Serba-serbi iBT TOEFL Gunadarma 7 Juli

7 Juli 2007, jam 3.30 WIB alarm HP-ku sudah berdering. “Wake up!” it’s time to take a shower and go to simatupang campus for iBT TOEFL”. As usual, I and my team mates should be there by 5 a.m. Why should be so early? What time is the test started? Well, suppose to be at 8.00 a.m. and there are procedures from Thomson-Prometric that we have to follow. The procedures are: the 2 hours before the test, we must be on-line with ETS (meaning that at 6.00 a.m,  right?). So, one before six, we have to turn on the router, server,  admin, and workstations and make sure that the internet connectivity is properly connected. You know what happened this morning? The internet connection didn’t work (as usual we’re bit panic and nurvous). “Dialing Akbar HP …beep…beep….beep….Akbar, wake up! we need your assistance!” And Bingo! It’s connected again…thanks to the team work …good work guys!. We start to check in the candidates by 7.30….eventually, the test is running smoothly. We should be alert with the test for 4 and a half hour. So, approximately at 12.oo the test will be ended. Waiting for the uploading the results of the test will be the next step… dah dulu ya….ngantuk nih. Ya sekitar jam 1 kali yaaa kita pulang.

Oya, pesertanya 25 orang ada yang dari Korea, Jepang, Jordania and of course dari Indonesia…. tim horee kita ada : ivan maurits , dyah anggraini, akbar marwan, irwandaru, boby ashur, moh. wisuda and me.


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