ada beberapa alasan curhat ini dalam bahasa Inggris.  Berhubung ada seseorang nun jauh di sana berkomentar “ just loved your website… but I didn’t understand a word!” menjadi alasan pertama.  Alasan kedua,  semoga makin banyak yang tertarik membaca blog Niar dari luar sana, supaya webometricnya Budi bisa naik hehehehe.  Alasan ketiga, belajar menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.  untuk alasan ketiga ini, para master Inggris, please correct ya.



Hmmmmm….everybody hear and speak loudly the word frequently….either in English word or in other languages.  In Bahasa Indonesia, we say it as “persahabatan.”  The question is “Does everybody understand the meaning of the word?”  In our adolescent attitude, I believe everybody will say…”yes….I do understand.” Hehehehehe.  However, it’s so easy to say, but not to perform.  As well, it’s so easy to admit, but not to behave.


It become the title of the song…or lyrics…..engrossing everybody.  Try to listen to Hannah Montana music with title True Friend, sung since 2007.


In fact, I made friend many times….with many people….in every place that happen visited….with varied nationalities…..younger or older….but still my question rise…..have I found a true friend?  Have I made friendship?  Am I a true friend for someone else?


Someone stating at his/her site, that

“A true friend sticks with you through the good times and the bad,

A true friend will say what you might not want to hear, but a true friend won’t stay mad…

A true friend looks from the inside out and doesn’t judge by a glance

A true friend will stick by you even when you take a stance…

A true friend loves you for who you are not what you could be… A true friend should be cherished cause’ few exist you see…

A friend to love with… A friend to play with… A friend to be with… A friend to stay with… “

I keep asking myself, “HAVE I FOUND A TRUE FRIEND AS WELL HAS SOMEONE FOUND THAT I’M A TRUE FRIEND FOR HIS/HER.”  Hmmmm….I think I’m still looking for.  IS’T YOU?

9 Responses to “FRIENDSHIP”

  1. I think everybody have their own perspective about true friend.
    But so far I felt I haven’t found someone who can stay forever beside me except my family. They’re truly friend. They never forget me even the distance and who i am now, hehe

  2. yeah….that’s very true Hanum. Then we r still in the same feeling hehehehehe.

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  9. It become the title of the song…or lyrics…..engrossing everybody. Try to listen to Hannah Montana music with title True Friend, sung since 2007

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