Dewasa ini baik PC maupun Laptop telah menggunakan teknologi multi-core
processor. Sepertinya sampai saat ini kita belum memanfaat- kannya untuk
kebutuhan pengolahan paralel. Beberapa kemungkinan untuk pemanfaatannya
dengan menggunakan tool/library/bahasa pemrograman berikut:
1. OpenMP
e-book bisa di DL di sini
The OpenMP Application Program Interface (API) supports multi-platform
shared-memory parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran. OpenMP is a
portable, scalable model with a simple and flexible interface for
developing parallel applications on platforms from the desktop to the

2. Threading Building Block
e-book bisa di DL di sini
Threading Building Blocks will enable you to specify parallelism far more
conveniently than using raw threads, while improving performance,
portability, and scalability.

3. Carnap Programming ( )

Carnap is a general purpose programming language for the next generation
of many-core devices, many many-core systems and their applications. It
introduces a process oriented programming model that allows programmers to
separate concerns: Carnap programs consist of data structures and the
concurrent processes that act upon them.

4. StreamIt (

StreamIt is a programming language and a compilation infrastructure,
specifically engineered for modern streaming systems. It is designed to
facilitate the programming of large streaming applications, as well as
their efficient and effective mapping to a wide variety of target
architectures, including commercial-off-the-shelf uniprocessors, multicore
architectures, and clusters of workstations.