Akbar….a few code of life…

Botak, ngejeans…it’s me :)

howto remove ^M on text file ?

on vi type:


make modules SUBDIRS=drivers/char/tpm
make modules_install SUBDIRS=drivers/char/tpm

dig @ns1.gunadarma.ac.id gunadarma.info A +norecurse|grep “ANSWER:”
ANSWER = 0 -> not cached [nie ma w cache]

Using rsync with ssh

rsync –delete -avz -e ssh login@yourserver.com:/home/user/dir/ ./dir

whois -i org `whois AS12990 | grep organ | tail -n1 | awk -F : ‘{print $2}’` | grep inetnum

Cannot create QuickStats table. Database user does not have CREATE priviledge.