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My Latest Linux Desktop

KDE-XP DesktopSo this is my latest linux desktop on vaio VGN-TZ17GN, based on sarge repositories, vpn work well with the BCA bank, my 3G express card works well too, wireless, bluetooth, despite the brigness screen setting using shell on /proc/acpi/sony/brightness (temporary).

KDE 3.4, SuperKaramba, Compiz, XP Themes, lilo, vi,staroffice 8.

My TODO is : switch to VGA output without restarting, because of the sony fn+f5,6,7 is based on software, and the SDcard reader (SD type different with Vaio TX series). Not found yet. anyone ?


find drivers for 05ca:183a Ricoh Webcam you can download it here

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  • After a week searching and probe the driver for my bandluxe c100 expresscard on my Sony VAIO TZ Series, while using ndiswrapper not working also :( ,quite desperate eh.

    After that I email the bandrich guy ask about the hardware configuration, so these are the config that you would put on your kernel (kernel 2.6.18 above).
    Usually the source code path is:


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