Digital Divide between Indonesian Provincial Governance Based on Web Evaluation

Digital Divide between Indonesian Provincial Governance Based on Web Evaluation

UACEE International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and its Applications – IJCSIA
Volume 3 : Issue 2 [ISSN 2250 – 3765]
Publication Date : 05 June 2013

Ivan Maurits
Muhammad Achsan Isa Al Anshori
Dessy Wulandari Asfary Putri
Abdus Syakur

Department of Informatics Management
Gunadarma University
Depok, Indonesia


All provinces in Indonesia have implemented websites as the information and communication media for public.
The number of provinces involved as the samples in this research are 33 provinces. The URL name structure and minimal content of the websites have been in accordance with rules and policies stated by the government. The ideal numbers of features are 18 for each websites. However, based on the observation toward the ideal number of the features, it is found that most of the websites have not fulfilled the amount yet. Province websites are rarely accessed by visitors. They prefer visiting the websites of companies or education institutions. The popularity of the websites is measured based on Alexa Global Traffic Rank, the number of referring domain, and external back link. The research also reveals that there is a digital divide between provinces in Java island and other islands based on the discriminant analysis using four independent variables, namely feature index, total backlink, global traffic rank, and total webpage.

Keywords—geographical, indonesian, provincial, digital

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